We love our work and love doing a really good job. Our beer’s great, but we’re not bad either. Hopefully you’ll meet us in person, but till then, here we are.

Becky Dixon

Sales & Brewing

Dixon’s our most photogenic Brew Crew member, so we always put her at the top of the page. Rob, our Head Brewer and Managing Director is next, but first meet Becky Dixon. A beautiful ray of sunshine who knows how to brew, sell and deliver beer, whilst doing her very best to make sure everyone has a lovely time as she does it.

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Rob Sutherland

Managing Director

Though not as lovely as Becky Dixon, we do love our beloved boss Bob, and we’re not just saying that cos he’s watching us type this. Woolybutt was all his idea and his enthusiasm, expertise and blooming delicious beer, soon brought the rest of us on board to help. His sense of humour didn’t hurt either. When it’s been a tough day, he picks us up and get’s our beer brewed, sold and delivered with a smile.

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Jamie “Del Fuego” Lyons

Sales & Brewing

Jamie’s beer brewing knowledge is second only to Rob’s, so he tends to be second in command when it comes to the brewing. His wrench barely leaves his hand, always tightening pipes and processes, ensuring we meet deadlines and expectations. You might meet Jamie on deliveries or out and about and he’ll be happy to tell you more.

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Morgan the Dog

Websites & Wagging

Morgan’s our webmaster and takes care of our website, along with any other promotional malarkey we might need. He’s always happy to hear any feedback on any of that. As well as being the only member of the Brew Crew with a claim to being more photogenic than Becky Dixon, this adorably little dog has years of experience in sales, marketing and social media. Also great at football and arm wrestling.

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