Brew 31 is a delicious 4.4% English Pale Ale, proving increasingly popular with venues and customers. It’s our flagship ale and we’re incredibly proud of it , but it’s not all we do…

Brew 31

After 30 refining brews, Brew 31 was finally the one. Looking for a beer with the broadest appeal? We focus grouped drinkers with a wide range of tastes; otherwise known as our very fine and lovely friends. Guided by Head Brewer Rob, this brought a 4.4% ale, with moreish flavours and a classic appeal.

Special Editions

Becky Dixon, Rob, and Jamie Del Fuego are beer alchemists. Using our pilot brewery, if we have an idea, we run with it. Our crack team of friendly focus groupers are at hand to selflessly test the free beer, and if they like it, we might do more and let you know. Popular Special Editions are often reproduced.

The Future?

Brew 31 and our Special Editions are always popular, but if there’s something extra special you need, let’s talk. Our team collaborates constantly and if you want to be involved, we’d love it. A brew with your pub’s name on it or for a special occasion? Name your own beer, decide the strength and flavour, and we’ll deliver.

Fancy a beer?

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